Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Waterproofing contractor in Mumbai | Painting contractor in Mumbai

waterp.pngMinimum Hassle :Traditional waterproofing involves a lot of breakage and removal of debris. It also leads to a lot of noise as the cement /concrete are broken. In weaker structures the vibration can harm the building. Waterproofing can take really long time and can go on for months. This disrupts normal life.

Waterproofing Options: We use Loewes membrane based systems which require minimal breakage. IT can be done 3-4 times faster leading to completion in a few days vs months and weeks. We provide a waterproofing membrane which is 1mm thick. It is flexible and therefore vibration does not affect the waterproofing.

This is the best option for waterproofing the world over

Our membrane based systems can be used for flooring, bathrooms, kitchens and roofs. They can also be used to waterproof temporary roofing such as tin and asbestos.

In comparison the waterproofing layer by chemical coats is usually a tenth of this thickness. This means that any vibration or penetration can break the waterproofing layer

Security: All our painters are in our uniform. In addition each of them carries a photo permit on our letterhead which is on their person at all times.

Peace of mind: Indus (Indus Eximtech P Ltd) is founded by IIT, IIM alumni with offices in the US & India. We have decades of experience in marketing paints & construction chemicals. Indus is now using this experience to serve you directly. Our customer service executives are on call all the time. In addition the Indus offices in Navi Mumbai have a large team standing by to assist.

Clear Communication: We provide a detailed written quote. Before the waterproofing starts, a work plan is discussed and provided to you in writing.


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