Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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We understand that painting is a disruption in your life. We paint twice as fast to minimize disruption Excellent Surface preparation.

This is the first step towards excellent painting. We use a mechanical sanding device to prepare the surface uniformly. The sanding machine does this in a few hours’ vs days by hand.

In addition because it is really tiring to do the sanding by hand, painters often do a poor job. Not so for us, mechanical sanding does a great job without tiring our painters.


All our painters are in our uniform. In addition each of them carries a photo permit on our letterhead which is on their person at all times.

Peace of mind: Indus (Indus Eximtech P Ltd) is founded by IIT, IIM alumni with offices in US and India. We have decades of experience in marketing paints construction chemicals. Indus is now using this experience to serve you directly. Our customer service executives are on call all the time. In addition the Indus offices in Navi Mumbai have a large team standing by to assist.

Clear Communication: We provide a detailed written quote Before the Painting starts; we discuss painting options and color schemes. These are again delivered to you in writing. A work plan is discussed and provided to you in writing.

High end painting options: Our base option is Asian Paints products. These typically are Asian Royale, Shine or acrylic emulsion. Due the high cost of labor these days , we do not recommend that you go for any other cheaper options as you would then end up painting much sooner. However we are open to other paint options from Asian Paints or leading manufacturers if you like.

High end protective and water resistant paints from Loewes, USA are available. These can be wiped off easily and water will just slide off the wall. You can choose from glossy or matt finishes. This will give you excellent life and will protect from fungus and discoloration.

Designer Options: You can literally have anything painted on your wall from modern art, old masters to Mickey Mouse; we have it all Computer aided Color selection: We help you choose the best colors with an android based program. This ensures perfect combination of colors Seepage and discoloration of walls: We can provide a membrane solution which will eliminate this problem. This of course has to be done before painting.

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