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faq.jpgIs there an order to painting a room?
Painting a room in the correct order will save time and cost . Begin with the ceilings (1), walls (2) (1 & 2 usually being water-based paints only), doors & windows (3)

How to choose type of paint?
For walls & ceilings, water based paints called Emulsions ( usually referred to as Latex or Plastic Paints by painters) are recommended. You can choose the type of paint depending on the final finish ( matt, mid-sheen, high sheen) and other functional benefits ( washability, fungus resistance, high reflectance )desired.

We normally use Asian paints although we can use other paints if you like.

For a superior waterproof finish, water-repellent paints like Loewes Toughcoat for Interiors & Loewes WeatherCoat for Exterior are recommended.

For metal surfaces, solvent based paints called enamels ( usually referred to as gloss) are recommended. Within enamels, there are choice of paints with varying sheen level & functional benefits.

For wood surfaces, you have a choice of ‘transparent’ finish and ‘opaque finish’. The former is recommended, if you are keen on retaining the natural look of wood.

How to choose the right colour for my home?
A great way to begin is to see different combinations of paint colors of your choice.

When choosing interior color schemes you will need to take into account all aspects of your current and future decorating styles. From the flooring materials to your furnishings all colors and textures will affect the possible choices and the final outcome of your interior design.
Our tablet based color selector ( courtesy Asian paints ) is a good tool for this

When is it a good time to paint?

For exteriors the good time to paint is when the weather is pleasant, without risk of high humidity and rain on the horizon. It is best to avoid painting, in extreme temperatures & humid conditions.

For interiors, although there are no such restrictions – an ambient temperature in-home and outside is preferable. It is best to have some ventilation during and immediately after painting in order to dissipate fumes and it also helps with drying.
Is there a recommended time to wait before painting a newly built house or newly plastered wall ?

There is no fixed recommended time to wait before painting on fresh plastered walls. As long as the walls are dry and fully cured one can paint it. To reconfirm get professional help.

Why do hairline cracks appear ?
The development of small cracks on inside plaster walls and ceilings is not unusual and is normally the result of movement of the building. However large cracks that appear to be getting wider should be investigated by a professional.

General Problems - During painting

Paint not hiding the previous coating

Possible Causes
Too much thinning of paint than desired
Previous paint-coating very dark and topcoat applied without primer-putty primer
Recommended number of coats of paint not applied
Poor Coverage

Possible Causes
Less thinning than recommended
Surface being painted is rough or not prepared as recommended
Applied more coats than needed
Poor quality of application tools
Dust on new paintwork

Possible Causes
Dust or dirt in the atmosphere settling on the surface during or after application.
During surface preparation, the surface is not cleaned properly after sanding. Therefore loose particles may get mixed with the paint while application.
Use of a dirty application tool.
Poor gloss level in solvent based paints

Possible Causes
Painting in cold and damp condition, that causes condensation on the newly painted surface.
Use of incorrect solvent, contaminated solvent or solvent with traces of water
Application of paint in a poorly ventilated room
Lack of adherence to manufacturers recommendation for necessary gap between subsequent coats
Sagging/Running of Paint

Possible Causes
Application of too thick paint coating at a time
Over dilution of paint
Application of paint on a very smooth surface( without sanding)
Slow Drying

Possible Causes
Too thick application
High humidity and/or low temperature during paint application
Improper ventilation, Application being done in confined area
Use of contaminated/ improper thinner and not the recommended thinner
Lack of adherence to recommended dilution ratio
Recommended system usage not adhered to. For instance, not adding adequate hardener in a two pack system like Melamine, PU.
Shade Variation

Possible Causes
Paint not thoroughly mixed prior to application
Application of very thin or thick coat over the surface
Use of light top coats over very deep undercoats.
Use of colored or dirty thinner for thinning paint sample

General Problems - After painting

Powdery/Chalky Surfaces

Possible Causes
Over thinned paint applied on the surface
Highly porous and absorbent surface making film under bound.
Paint film deteriorating due to action of sunlight , oxygen or salt in air in marine areas
Premature rusting or cracking of paint on metal surfaces

Possible Causes
Too thin application
Improper undercoat application
Incorrect primer usage
Flaking of paint film

Possible Causes
Substrate not dry -moisture beneath the paint film.
Painting over rust results in little or no adhesion
Painting on an inadequately prepared surface.

Possible Causes
Broken or defective plumbing or some other general building defect.
Paint should not be applied until the source of dampness is addressed.
Efflorescence /Blistering in walls

Possible Causes
Moisture beneath the paint film can cause crystallisation of salt from building material such as bricks.
Paint should not be applied until the efflorescence has ceased to appear and has been removed.
Algae/Fungus Growth on Painted Surfaces

Possible Causes
Algal/Fungal growths are most likely to occur in damp conditions or on surfaces with a high moisture content.
Algae growth on exterior masonry can be a problem in sheltered environments that are in close proximity to trees and bushes.

Possible Causes
Use of interior paint for exterior applications
Direct prolonged exposure of an interior surface to sunlight
Use of inappropriate colorants for creating shades

Is there any paint I can use on aluminium surfaces?
Aluminium starts looking shabby after some time especially it has come in contact with acidic or alkaline materials like cement, lime or caustic soda. You could use the following to protect aluminium surfaces -
One coat of Luxol Red oxide Primer
2-3 coats of High Gloss paint

What should I do before painting on asbestos cement?
First you need to check the pH value of the surface. Wipe the surface clean and use bio-wash with 5 % dilution with clean soft water. After 24 hours wash the surface with clean water, let it dry completely before you start painting.
What can I use for painting interiors with asbestos surfaces?
Use a coat or two of r Cement Primer Thereafter, apply a top coat

What paint will last on asbestos surfaces on exterior walls?
Exteriors are prone to changing weather conditions.
GE Silicone paint will give you a life of over 10 years with waterproofing as well
Lowewes Toughcoat exterior will provide a waterproofing benefit and will be antifungal as well
Asian Paints Apex is also a good choice and so is ICI Dulux weathershield
For best results use Loewes water-repellent primer

My kitchen platform is made with concrete. How do I ensure that it remains clean?
I want to paint my concrete kitchen platform. What should I do?

Concrete surfaces can be cleaned with mild soap. To disinfect it use 2% Dettol water solution. Once the surface dries and the smell clears use any good quality wall paint to get the color you like – ideally use asian paints acrylic emulsion. Of course you need to apply putty to smoothen the surface.

Thereafter add two coats of Loewes Toughcoat Interior.
Recoat every two years or so with Toughcoat

Bathroom walls get wet and the paint peels off and dark spots appear on them. Is there a solution?
Continuous spillage of soap water on the walls causes dark spots to appear. Remove the dark spots by scrubbing the walls and follow it up with 1 coat of bio-wash. After 24 hours, wash the surface with clean water.

Once the surface dries and the smell clears use any good quality wall paint to get the color you like – ideally use asian paints acrylic emulsion. Of course you need to apply putty & primer to smoothen the surface.

Thereafter add two coats of Loewes Toughcoat Interior.
Water will just roll off the wall.
Is there a permanent solution to removing dark spots from bathroom doors?
Cleaning it regularly is the only way out. Continuous spillage of soap water on the walls causes dark spots to appear. Remove the dark spots by scrubbing the doors and follow it up with 1 coat of bio-wash. After 24 hours, wash the surface with clean water. Use emery paper to clean the surface.
Use putty and primer as needed. Thereafter apply two coats of Loewes Toughcoat Interior.
Water will just roll off the door without wetting it.

What should I do to protect my cane furniture and keep its natural look intact?
Use Loewes Toughcoat Wood.

How do I prevent water from seeping into the ceramic tiles?
Usually tile joints are filled with white cement. This however doesn't last.
Use Loewes Weather proof Silicon sealnt

How does water seep into the walls of a structure?
Hairline cracks, leakage from concealed pipes, cracks in rain water pipes, water logging on the parapet or on the roof, from the sub- soil, water penetration from structural defects, condensation or poor ventilation, deliquescent salts due to poor quality bricks and faulty sand quality are some of the reasons why walls become damp.

Will applying a coat of paint get rid of the dampness in the walls?
No. It is important that the dampness in the walls is cured first. Take the help of professionals who do damp proof chemical jobs before you repaint your walls or the problem will recur.
I have cured the walls of dampness. However, once the rainy season starts will the problem recur and exterior walls start looking dull?
Use one coat Loewes Water repellent primer and two coats Loewes Toughcoat exterior .
Water will just roll off the wall
For even better results and minimum 10 years life use GE Silicone paint

Can I apply paint on lime washed surfaces?
No paint can grip surfaces in lime. Remove the lime completely by wire brushing, sand papering, etc. Lime is alkaline in nature, therefore, 100% lime removal and checking pH value is must.
Painting System – For Interior and Exterior application see ‘Brick work’.

Do glass surfaces need to be treated before painting them?
You will need to clean glass surfaces before painting them. Clean it with MTO/ N.C. Thinner followed by 2 washing with soap water, so that there are no foreign materials like grease, dust, oil, etc. Rinse it twice with clean water and dry completely.

Of what material should water tanks be made to avoid contaminating water?
Water tanks are usually made of concrete, MS Sheet or PVC tanks, etc. Over a period of time water reacts with the surfaces - metal surfaces develop rust, plastic and concrete surfaces allow fungus and algae growth, all leading to contamination of the water. Also concrete tanks may be the reason why the main building becomes damp.
IMPORTANT: While painting the tank on the inside, the cover must be kept open till all 3 coats are applied. Give a gap of 24 hours each between the 1st and 2nd coat and 2nd and 3rd coat. Keep the tank open for 3 to 4 days to harden the paint film.
Only after the film is completely dry, fill it with water. To avoid the smell of paint affecting the water rinse out the tank with water 2 to 3 times. Follow same steps in case of a concrete tank except, here the 1st coat should be thinned.

What is the white fluffy deposit that appears on my walls?
If there are white fluffy deposits or white spots on the wall your walls are victims of Efflorescence. This occurs due to evaporation of water from the solution of soluble walls which rise to the surface.

How do I clean surfaces affected by efflorescence?
Wash the effected surface with wire or coir brush with 10% phosphoric acid solution (P2So4) solution. Allow the surface to dry completely before washing it with clean water and drying it yet again.

How do I prevent surface efflorescence?
If the surface is already effected wash the effected surface with wire or coir brush with 10% phosphoric acid solution (P2So4) solution. Allow the surface to dry completely before washing it with clean water and drying it yet again.
First apply Loewes Water repellent primer
For interiors . apply two coats of Toughcoat Interior
For exterior apply two coats of Toughcoat Exterior

What is the right time to start Painting?
A successful painting exercise requires planning the activity carefully. Thus the planning for painting should start well in advance to take care of occasions like rains, exams, weddings etc. This means that if you want your painting exercise to be completed before monsoon, then the planning for the same has to start atleast 45 days before monsoon. Though even in monsoon you can paint on a relatively dry week, but it is advisable to finish painting before monsoon or start painting after monsoon.

How long does a painting exercise take?
Time taken in painting exercise is a function of area to be painted, number of painters and type of paint used. Two painters can paint the interiors of a standard 2- BHK flat in around 5-7 days.

What are different categories in interior paints?
We normally use Asian paints who offer a wide range of brands in interior paints to suit your requirements. Distempers, Enamels, Luster and Emulsions are basic categories in Interior paints. While distemper is in the economy category, Emulsion is the most premium category for interior paints. Enamels are oil-based paint and can be applied on wood, metal or walls. Luster is oil based interior paint, which gives pearly sheen to walls.

What are different categories in Exterior paints?
GE 100% Silicone paint is the best paint available . This is imported from the USA. It will provide a minimum of 10 years life and will also provide waterproofing to the wall
Lowewes Toughcoat is a water-repelleant paint where water will just roll off the wall . It will also offer substantial waterproofing capability especially when used in conjunction with Loewes water repellent primer
Asian Paints Apex & ICI Weathershield are the other good brands
Considering that the labor cost today is really high we do not recommend that you go for any lower grade because then you will have to paint much sooner and the cost actually increases

Does you offer paints for Wood and Metal surfaces?
Yes, We also have special paints for Wood and Metals. derwood for wooden surfaces.
Is there a recommended list of shades for different rooms in a house?
We can enhance the functionality of a room by selecting the right shade of paint for it. We can give a warmer look to a living room and a relaxing feel to a bedroom, while study can be made energetic. Let's first have a look at the relation between colors and the emotions they exhibit.
You can use the interactive paint selection app available with our people


Mood they exhibit


Recommended for




Cool and Calm

Bedrooms, specially boys room

Greys, Pinks, Ocean greens


Sedate, Classy

Welcoming and Warm

Living Rooms

Every color


Happy, Fire color

Energetic and Peppy

Study, Dining Room

Reds, Greens


Balanced and Restful



Pale yellows, reds


Soft and feminine

Soothing and dreamy

Bedrooms especially girls room

whites beiges and indigos



Earthy and comfortable

Exteriors, however beiges are very good for living room

whites, reds


Bold and stimulating


Highlighting a section of room or for exercise halls

Pastels, Whites, Yellows



Cool and Neutral

Living rooms

All Bright Tones

Can I make my room look bigger, by selecting right shade for the room?

Yes, by the right choice of color, one can visually enhance the space available in a room. Generally light colors recede while bold and dark colors rush in. If you don’t have a very large living room and you want to make it look bigger, use pastel shades. They give a welcoming and elegant look to your living room. If you want a neutral shade use a light grey or green or white.

My room’s ceiling is very low; can right shade visually raise the ceiling to provide depth to the room?
As explained earlier, lighter shades create space. Choose a lighter/ pastel shade to paint the ceiling. Darker shade for the same color used to paint walls and a lighter shade for ceiling gives depth to the room. For e.g. if you are using beige for your room, use a lighter shade of beige for ceiling as compared to that for walls.

My room is very long, it’s a rectangle, how can I make it look square?
Use light shade for long walls of your room and a dark shade for the shorter walls. This will make the longer walls recede and shorter walls advance. This would give a better, less elongated look to your room.

How does lighting affect colors?
Colors change under different lights. Dark colors look brighter in large well-lit rooms, while pastels tend to look insipid under artificial light. You can vary the kind of lighting in a room to highlight some areas and hide the others.

I get lot of sunlight in my living room, while bedroom hardly gets any sunlight, can colors help to the situation?
Colors have the capability to create a desired ambience. If your room gets too much sunlight then you can use cool colors like blue, pink or violet or neutral colors like white, cream, grey to balance the warmth. While you can use bright colors like beige, cream, light yellow in relatively dark rooms to give a warm effect. In rooms where you get evening sunlight which is reddish in tone, you can use cheerful colors like green and bold yellows.

How can I make the room look interesting, without incurring too much of expenses?
Too many pieces of arts, expensive lampshade and wall hangings don’t make your home look interesting if they are not carefully selected and placed. It is very important to decide on a look that you want to give to your room. Accordingly, the room can be decorated with wall hangings and other decorative items to complete the look. If you don’t want to spend much in such decorative items or if your room is too small to accommodate such things try these tips.
Try to highlight one wall in the room. Using a bold color for one of the walls can do this. This will attract everybody’s attention to that wall. You have to do proper lighting on this wall to highlight one wall hanging (A large modern painting, for a modern look or an antique wall hanging for a traditional look).
Paint all electrical fittings, pipes, and projections in the same color as that of walls. This will not only hide these things but will also give uncluttered and clean look.
Avoid dark color on the ceiling if your ceiling is low. Proper lighting is very important to complete a look. Carefully choose spotlights to highlight a particular section in the room. For e.g. use a spotlight highlighting a painting on the dominant wall in the room. If you have used dark colors for walls then it is all the more important to use proper lighting, otherwise the room will look very dark and dull in the night.
Always decide on a theme and try and use everything related to it in the room. This will create harmony in the room and will give a complete look. For e.g. If you take nature as a theme for your living room, use any shade of green for walls, decorate the main wall with paintings of natural scenes, use actual plants at corners of the room, use wooden furniture, blue linen, curtains and flooring for a cool look and yellow for a warmer look.
Avoid using too many contrasting colors in a room. Make sure that if one is able to see a section of another room from one room then colors used in both the room should be related.
Paintguru delivers a high quality job through its trained and experienced painters under the supervision of Nerolac supervisors. Also we provide a 2 year warranty on the job executed by us. A FIRST IN INDIA
Our representative will contact you and visit your home to understand the scope of work
He will guide you on the available product range and also suggest a product suiting your requirements.
He will be equipped with professional color tool that will help you make a correct color choice.
He will suggest the correct painting system to ensure durability of paint.
He will give you an estimate for the entire painting job and also indicate the timelines for completing the job.
He will get the trained and experienced painters to execute the job.
He will supervise the job from time to time to ensure quality service.
On completion of the job he will hand over the warranty certificate to you

So if you are planning to paint your home, just contact paintguru


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