Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Exterior Painting | Mumbai Exterior Painting | Vashi Painting Company

exter.pngMinimum Hassle: We understand that painting is a disruption in your life. We paint twice as fast to minimize disruption

Excellent Surface Preparation: This is the first step towards excellent painting. We use an imported pressure wash to clean the outside surface and remove dirt and loose material

Optional Waterproof Primer: You can choose to use Loewes waterproof primer. Thirds will make your building waterproof. It will therefore increase the life of the building as it will protect the concrete and steel structure. It will also enhance the life of your paint. It will eliminate seepage from the outside wall.

Spray paint: We use spray painting for faster and uniform paint. This is done for primer as well as paint. As a result we can finish painting very quickly

Crack Filling: Crack filling with Loewes Crack fill will ensure that all your cracks are filled and leveled before painting

Paint Options: Our base option is Asian paint Apex Ultima . We can use Dulux weatehrshield if you prefer….

High end options: Loewes Tough Coat—Create a waterproof exterior which will last for a long time. Water will just fall off the wall and the wall does not even get wet. Will stop small cracks from appearing. Available exclusively from Indus.

GE Momentive 100% Silicone paint— the best paint you can buy. Life exceeds ten years. A very thick layer of paint cum waterproofing which is at least five times the normal paint is formed on the wall. This is an elastic layer which will prevent most cracks from appearing. It makes the wall fully waterproof and imparts sheen to the wall so that it has a soft glow. Available exclusively from Indus.

Computer aided Color selection: We help you choose the best colors with an android based program. This ensures perfect combination of colors

Security: All our painters are in our uniform. In addition each of them carries a photo permit on our letterhead which is on their person at all times.

Peace of mind: Indus (Indus Eximtech P Ltd) is founded by IIT, IIM alumni with offices in the US & India. We have decades of experience in marketing paints & construction chemicals. Indus is now using this experience to serve you directly our customer service executives are on call all the time. In addition the Indus offices in Navi Mumbai have a large team standing by to assist.

Clear Communication: We provide a detailed written quote Before the Painting starts; we discuss painting options and color schemes. These are again delivered to you in writing a work plan is discussed and provided to you in writing

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